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Buddhist and Taoist Systems Thinking: the natural path to sustainable transformation

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Systems Leadership


Explore the fascinating and emerging world of systems leadership with Josep and outstanding guests coming from a multiplicity of knowledge backgrounds such as systems science, indigenous knowledge, perennial wisdom, evaluation and organizational development, conscious business and much more.

My call is to humanize the economy and unleash the power of entrepreneurs and organizations for building a more sustainable, regenerative and inclusive society: bridging business with nature, East and West, North and South, science and arts and technology and ecology.

Recent collaborations

Here’s a snapshot of some of Josep’s recent collaborations in terms of projects he developed with different organizations.

Systems thinking
for Sustainable Development

United Nations - Worldwide

The first action learning training program for developing the skills and capacities of potential Resident and Humanitarian Coordinators (the highest UN representatives in the countries) in thinking systemically to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Agenda for Development 2030.

Engaging business ecosystems and social communities in new sustainable cities

RMA - Middle East

A pioneering research project aimed at developing new urban models for future sustainable cities in high climate change impacted regions through regenerative business and socioeconomic systemic models and latest technologies.

Adaptive management
in complex environments

United Nations

Co-led the development of the A-Compass, the adaptive management model at UNFPA. This is the first adaptive management model created in the United Nations system. It is based on developing the leadership, collaborative, agile and learning capacities that lead individuals, teams and therefore the organization to adapt to increasingly complex and turbulent working environments.

Working areas

  1. Systems thinking
  2. System leadership
  3. Conscious entrepreneurship
  4. Sustainable development
  5. Organizational development
  6. Regenerative business
  7. Evaluation, learning and adaptation
  8. Perennial philosophies and indigenous knowledge


Here’s a selection of articles recently published.
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