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Conscious Entrepreneurship
Holistic Management
Sustainable Innovation

Conscious Entrepreneurship

I train and mentor creative entrepreneurs that are starting up their business to make a difference. Through the Zen Business methodology, I guide them in discovering and turning their passion into profits as a result of making

an impact in people’s lives.

I also design impact evaluations and results-based management systems for organizations that want to boost their performance and impact at social, environmental, economic and emotional level.  


Holistic Management

I teach Zen Business and Holistic Management

at the masters level at EADA Business School and other institutions as a visiting professor. I conduct research linking leadership to entrepreneurship and holistic impact, with the objective of discovering and understanding

the factors that empower successful companies and organizations to excel in the new management paradigm, where business is an agent for social innovation and sustainable transformation. I consult and advise companies in implementing holistic management systems for adopting sustainable strategies and practices.  


Sustainable Innovation

I founded and manage the master in Sustainable Business and Innovation at EADA Business School, a pioneering program entirely designed for educating the future leaders on the transition to the new management paradigm.

I conduct research on how exponential technologies and

the fourth industrial revolution are influencing the economy and society, especially in cities, in a postcapitalist era.

This is aimed at developing new innovations that contribute to a more sustainable and happier world. 


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