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Sense8 and the new paradigm

Sense8 is a spectacular Netflix series created by the always surprising Wachowski sisters (Matrix, Cloud Atlas). It is carried out by eight unknown people who live in eight different cities and who apparently have only one feature in common: they share the same date and time of birth. Suddenly they are mentally linked by voices and visions that they have with each other, which leaves them surprised and misplaced by not fitting in with their physical world. They are capable of feeling the suffering and joy of others, with a level of empathy and compassion that makes them stand out from the rest. Little by little they are aware of their power and begin to know each other, investigating who they are and dealing with their problems always with the support of the group. They are cooperative by nature.

They discover that they are homo sensoriums, human beings that differ from the classic homo sapiens in that, in addition to thinking, they feel above all. That is, its operating system is focused on feeling, as the engine that drives thought, creativity and action. They realize that they are a threat to the current world’s order, dominated by the sapiens, who begin to persecute them with the aim of subjugating them and depriving them of their powers. The sapiens reflect the fear of a logical-industrial system valued by the idea of ​​success associated with materialism and power. They feel threatened by a new worldview centered on the Self, on collaboration, on co-creation and on new ways of relating that stem from freedom and unconditional love or Agape, the highest vibration in the universe. When the sense8 realize that they share the same higher purpose, that is, guarding and claiming a lifestyle based on the Self, they empower themselves and begin to lead the transformation, with higher levels of impact and results.

The sense8 are perfectly imperfect, that is, they unfold between two worlds, the apocalyptic world of homo sapiens and the ideal world of the homo sensoriums. They fight against their existential problems and doubts in the present moment while dreaming of a freer world, without suffering, in peace and in harmony. They are in transition towards a new paradigm.

In a way, the series symbolizes the turning point in which, as a human species, we find ourselves. The crisis of a system that excludes the majority of a dignified and sustainable life, the new age of robotics and the development of technology in the 4th industrial revolution place humanity at a crossroads. On the one hand, the train of technological neo-feudalism: enormous inequality, poverty and precariousness in a world ruled by the disproportionate power of technological ultracapitalism. On the other hand, the train of abundance: sufficient resources for all thanks to exponential technologies that create huge amounts of economic value, solve problems, free us from precarious work and allow us to reconnect with our essence and true nature. Where are we going? What can we do to catch the train of shared prosperity? What implications does it have for people and organizations?

Unlike the series, in the new paradigm it is not necessary to fight the dominant system. We must address it from its comprehension in order to integrate it and transcend it with a new worldview that applies the universal values ​​in new entrepreneurial initiatives, innovative projects and organizations that are managed lovingly, creatively and sustainably, creating shared value for all its protagonists. It is precisely with the intention of sharing reflections, experiences and ideas of transition towards the new paradigm that I publish my new website. A meeting point for homo sapiens who feel like the sensoriums. For people who feel that we are moving towards a freer, happier and more sustainable world. For utopian realists. For curious people who do not stop questioning. For people who not only want to be part of a more just system, but to contribute and share their own grain of sand in the construction of a more harmonious world.

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