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I enjoy speaking in conferences across the world. Sharing

my knowledge and expertise is one of my passions, it allows me to constantly challenge myself, learn and meet new people. The talks are eye-opening, thought-provoking and inspiring. Ideal for triggering transformation and growth in companies, business associations, universities, business schools, international organizations and governmental agencies.

I speak about:

Wise Cities

The Economy

of Happiness

Zen Business

Zen business

Can we find meaning, motivation and happiness

in our work? Can businesses integrate into a more sustainable and human economic system that generates financial profits alike? In this talk

I introduce a new business paradigm and holistic management model based on a combination of universal knowledge found in oriental philosophy and metaphysics with the most advanced management science.


The Economy of Happyness

Robotics and the development of technology in the 4th industrial revolution place humanity at a crossroads. On one hand, the train of abundance: sufficient resources for all thanks to exponential technologies that creates massive amounts of economic value, solves problems and liberates us from precarious work. On the other hand, the train of technological neo-feudalism: enormous inequality, poverty and precariousness in a world governed by the disproportionate power of technological ultracapitalism. Where are we going to? What can we do to catch the train of shared prosperity? What implications does it have for people and organizations? In this talk I dig upon the enormous challenges and opportunities of technology and what we can do to build an authentic economy at the service of human beings.


Wise Cities

Massive urbanization, technological change and the inability of the current capitalist system to solve the global great challenges draw a new economic and political scenario where the future is written in cities. The most innovative clusters are no longer found in Europe and the USA, but in Asian metropolis. How are cities transforming the world? What can we do to spur technology, creativity, business and humanity in more resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities? In this talk I present a new human-centric urban development framework, based around the idea of how practical wisdom can be leveraged to real pre-distributive policies and projects that improve citizen’s well-being. 

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