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My curiosity has constantly driven my life out of the comfort zone, igniting a vivid desire for learning. With butterflies in my bellies

I traveled the world working in more than forty countries and living

in four of them. I’ve been working with micro-scale entrepreneurs in remote rural areas of developing countries and sitting with ministers and top large firms’ executives in megacities’ skyscrapers alike.
I’ve learned that the desire to be happy is what unites all human beings but the fact that the world faces important challenges and unmet needs makes it hard for all to live in harmony. Pursuing a career in business and international development has taught me that there is an untapped potential for unleashing the power of business to solve pressuring global challenges like poverty, environmental degradation and mental stress. Exploring this potential is my passion, and life commitment.
I am inspired to helping people (whether they are business executives and managers, consultants, policy-makers or higher education students) and their organizations find what they love to do, as well as investigating and delivering new solutions through entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation for making this world a better place to live.
I am currently deploying my vocation in different organizations devoted to education, through conducting research, training and consulting activities in the EU-Asia Global Business Research Center at EADA Business School Barcelona, the Maastricht School of Management, the Blanquerna-Ramon Llull University and the CIDOB Barcelona Centre for International Affairs.Thank you for your interest.

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