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About Me

My life and work are a journey of change and transformation. I’m a curious mind that never stops exploring. A wanderer. For the last twenty years I crafted a career in business and international development all over the world. I worked in more than forty countries implementing projects for the European Commission and the United Nations. I helped companies and organizations innovate and develop business in Asia. I was awarded a PhD Cum Laude by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I set up my business. I founded and managed the Catalonia Trade & Investment Agency in South Korea. I lived in Seoul, Brussels, Jogjakarta, Dodoma and Barcelona. I saw beauty and pain. I learned that the desire to be happy is what unites all human beings but the fact that we feel disconnected from nature and each other makes it hard for all to live in harmony.


That brought me to re-think myself, from head to toes. In Seoul, far away from home, I had the distance to start questioning me: who am I? why was I born?  What am I supposed to do? Who are we as humans? This time I looked inwards, and I started an inner journey. It was the practice of Zen and the study of Chinese metaphysics during my years in Asia that allowed me to connect with my true self and discover my purpose. I met new people that helped me grow. I found meaning. And that was life changing.


But I had to make hard choices. Breaking up with my comfort zone. Quitting my job and starting on my own. I walked the desert. I felt the fear and anxiety of the lonely entrepreneur; I had to listen people saying: “why did you quit your job?” ,“are you writing a book? This is too risky”. Anytime naysayers challenged me, I was more energized to pursue my calling. I chose the middle way so I decided to link both worlds in one: aligning personal with professional development for unleashing the power of business and organizations in building a more sustainable and happier world. I believe that transforming oneself is the first step for transforming our organizations and our world.


And I started the re-evolution. I felt the need to scientifically validate my own experience, and the result was the birth of Zen Business. It is a new holistic management model that helps people and organizations generate and maximize shared value for all stakeholders by creating harmony. I designed and founded the master in Sustainable Business & Innovation at EADA Business School, a pioneering program that helps changemakers all over the word leading the way towards the new management paradigm. I created the Wise Cities program, a comprehensive conceptual framework to guiding citizens and cities in fostering creative economies through inclusive growth and pre-distributive policies.


I am privileged to serve as professor at EADA Business School, as senior research associate at CIDOB Barcelona Centre for International Affairs and the Maastricht School of Management. I consult for the European Commission, the United Nations, business associations, corporations and non-profits. I coach and mentor entrepreneurs and future leaders. As a writer and speaker I feel inspired to share my experience and knowledge with human beings and organizations that are looking to find purpose and align it with their work for a brighter future. With passion, serenity and joy.


Thanks for your interest.

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