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My service focuses on the following three interconnected areas, the path of transformation: Human Leadership (personal development), Zen Business (organizational development) and Impact Evaluation (social transformation).


Human Leadership

An authentic and impactful leadership starts with a journey on our own discovery and self-awareness. I help entrepreneurs in finding their purpose, aligning it with their life and work, and discovering and developing their talents for turning them into profitable projects that make a difference.

I use SaJu/BaZi, a comprehensive human design methodology from

Chinese metaphysics that provides a clear life map on how to make

the optimal decisions based on our own true nature. 

Zen Business

A pioneering organizational human design methodology for entrepreneurs and businesses that seek to create holistic impact (economic, social, environmental, emotional) in a more harmonious and sustainable way.


Impact Evaluation

The key challenge for businesses and organizations that make a difference

is to show evidence on how they create social and environmental impact. Through the design of monitoring and impact evaluation systems, based

on performance and results, I help conscious organizations to measuring

the value they create in a holistic and systematic way.

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